Thien 308Dear Residents,

Many of you would have heard about the National Conversation ( It is an important milestone for all Singaporeans to define what we want Singapore to be in 20 years time. We want everyone to have a say in this National Conversation and thus I would want to invite you to our very own Jurong Central Conversation. We had our first session last month and more would be held in the months to come. Please watch out for our banners in this web page or click on join us -OurSG Conversation to register your interest. All your views would be consolidated and sent to the National Conversation secretariat.

If you are technologically savvy enough to surf our website, chances are that you are also connected via facebook. Hence, I would like to invite you to connect to my facebook ( so that you could catch up with what’s happening in our neighbourhood and also give your views on issues that are dear to you.

Mentioning about municipal issues, many residents have given feedback that they have difficulties finding car park lots when they visit the markets, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc., at our Jurong Central Neighbourhood Centre (N4, Blk 492-498). We have been working with HDB to implement Electronic Parking System (EPS) in N4 areas. EPS offers two distinct advantages. Firstly, with EPS, car users are less likely to park their vehicles longer than what is needed and hence allow a higher throughput of cars. This was tested and experienced by other car parks with EPS in Yuhua, Taman Jurong, etc. Secondly, it allows only season parking holders to enter the car park when all the visitor lots are full, especially after 10.30 pm so that residents staying in the area have the priority to park their cars near to their flat.

In view of the above, I am pleased to announce that HDB would begin implementing EPS at the following car parks over the next few months:

a) J43 Blk 474-477

b) J54 Blk 492-496

c) J55 Blk 497-498

In addition, I would also like to congratulate residents in Blk 409-422, Jurong West St 42, for their overwhelming support in favour of the Neighbourhood Renewal Program (NRP).  The NRP would bring you many new and exciting facilities including a two storey pavilion overseeing the Jurong Canal.  They join Zone E residents (Blk 311-316, Jurong East) who have earlier supported the NRP in their precinct.

Meanwhile, I hope to see you soon in some grassroots functions near your precinct.  Watch out for more details in this webpage.


Ang Wei Neng