Video contest A4 flyer 1 01VIDEO CONTEST 2012 LAUNCH ON 11 JULY 2012


Riding on the NDP theme of “Loving Singapore, Our Home”, PA will engage Netizens through a Video Clip Contest whereby participants can express their love and pledge their loyalty to Singapore through a 47 seconds self-produced video clip using their mobile devices. The video clip could be transmitted wirelessly to a hosting platform. Video clips that received the most number of hits and thumbs-up from the netizens will be selected for final judging.


1.2 Details

Participants are required to adhere to the following themes and endoff the video with a birthday wishes to Singapore;

1) Family and Friends
2) Community bonding among residents
3) Showing love to Singapore


The scoring is determined on 40% by public popularity vote, 60% by the panel of judges. PA will convene a panel of judges to determine the winners based on the structure and contents flow of the story, creativity and innovation of the video and lastly the theme of the contest. The campaign is open to all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore. Participants were requested to submit their video by 31 August 2012 and results will be announced online after 15 September 2012.



The judging panel will select the top 3 winning videos and 1 most creative video for the Video Contest 2012. 3 sets of “The New iPad” (64GB, 32GB, 16GB with Wi-Fi + 4G) will be given to the top 3 winning videos respectively. 1 set of Canon Camcorder (Legria HFR26) will be given to the most creative video.

NDP 2012 Fun Pack will be given to the first 500 participants and first 500 online voters.