Over 550 students and their parents residing in Jurong Central district participated in Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) on Sunday, 6 January 2013 at Jurong Green Community Club (CC).  The students, who are currently studying in either Primary schools, Secondary schools, Polytechnic or Universities, shared their hopes and wishes for Singapore in twenty years' time.   The OSC was conducted in three sessions in an open conference-style with use of technology for real-time submission and polling of the attendees' comments and ideas.

The idea of engaging parents and their young children together in Our Singapore Conversation is first mooted by the Jurong Central Grassroots Organisations (GROs).  As pointed out by Co-Chairman, Mdm Marcellina Giam, PBM, Chairperson of Jurong Green CC Women's Executive Committee, "Many OSCs had been organised for different groups of Singaporeans.  We feel that it is important that our children too, have a say in Singapore's future.  Afterall, they are the ones who will lead Singapore in the next generation.  It will be an excellent opportunity for parents and their children to hear from each other what they want to see in Singapore 2030."

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