zoned RCJurong Central Zone D Resident Committee (RC) is based at Block 340 Jurong East Ave 1. There are 21 grassroots volunteers of different races under the leadership of Chairman, Mr David Lim. The RC actively promotes neighbourliness, harmony and cohesiveness among the residents. The RC engages in social cohesiveness between the volunteers and the residents of Zone ‘D’ precinct, from Blocks 329 to 341, while at the same time, promote many exuberating and enjoyable activities during their block parties, floor gathering events and festive functions.

In 2010, Zone D RC achieved the ‘4’ star award. From 2010 to 2011, several other awards such as Meritorious Award, Best RC Garden in Singapore and Distinguish Award were also obtained through the combined efforts of the team and various individuals.        

Zone D RC is also the “home” for the youth, the middle-aged and the senior citizens. Through the assiduous volunteers, the RC has built a mini-community hub to cater to the various needs of the residents.  Among the many physical activities inhabiting the estates are Qigong, Silat, Taekwondo, Fun Walkers’ Club, Malay Cultural Dance, Football and Futsal which promotes healthy living. More community based activities such as Gardening, Senior Citizens’ Club, Karaoke Session and Table Soccer enhances bonding and friendship among groups.  Last but not least, the Chinese Education tuition centre conducts Mandarin classes which cater to the young residents who are thirsty for knowledge.       

The two most unique activities among the many buzzing activities in Zone D hub are ‘The Garden club’ and ‘The Table Football club’. The Garden club has accorded many awards and is regarded as one of the best in Singapore. As for the Table Soccer Football club, it was initiated and spearheaded by the RC and the club has garnered accolades by the People’s Association making it one of the highlights among the ‘Youth Chapter’ groups.

The RC is open to all innovative suggestions by members and residents.  The members hope to explore and excel in other areas and continue to strive towards community building and serving of their residents.

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