zonec RCThe Jurong Central Zone C Residents' Committee (RC) centre is located at Block 413 Jurong West Street 42, #01-803. This Committee was newly formed in July 2011 after the redraw of the electoral boundaries. It was part of the former Jurong Central Zone E RC.Mr Steven Ong, PBM, was entrusted to lead the new RC. Being an active grassroots volunteer for more than 20 years, residents are familiar with Mr Ong and have built up strong rapport with him and the committee.

Despite being a new kid on the block, the RC has successfully attracted many new volunteers to come forward and join them in serving the residents. With the help of both former and new members, the Jurong Central Zone C RC quickly moved into operation and had since organized two sold-out events for the residents of Blocks 401 to 416.

With the enthusiasm of the volunteers, the Jurong Central Zone C RC is determined to continue to organize various activities to interest and engage their residents of different ages and races. The RC also hopes to work hand in hand with the residents, and together with their support, they are confident that all their future events and functions will too be a success!

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