SCECJurong Green CC Senior Citizens’ Executive Committees (SCEC) was formed to promote active citizenship, multi-racial harmony and active aging. It creates a platform for SCEC members to connect and bond through community bonding and volunteerism work. Jurong Green CC SCEC organises various social, cultural, educational, sports, recreational and lifelong learning programmes and activities at both divisional and national levels.

Jurong Green CC SCEC actively organises festive events, to bring together senior citizens and residents of different ethnic backgrounds and promotes mutual understanding and cultural exchange. It also organises dance events where participants gets to learn various dances from other countries, such as the Israeli Folk Dance, and Recreation Dance from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The SCEC firmly believes in the need to keep the Senior Citizens active, both mentally and physically. Thus, they have formed many different Interest Groups (IGs) to cater to the interests of the residents. The IGs include, including Line Dance club, Folk Dance club, Stylo Drumming group, Fun walkers club, Taichi group, Yoga Meditation group and Photography club.

They have also organised large-scale events such as Dancethon 2010 and Line Dance Workshop annually. This allows dance enthusiasts from all parts of Singapore to meet and develop friendship with one another during the event. The SCEC also organises health programme which are popular and beneficial to the elderly residents.

SCEC Chairperson Mdm Lim Kim Kee, Alice, PBM:

“I’m very proud of our Senior Citizens’ Executive Committee. Many residents have feedback that they are very pleased with the activities and events which we have organised for them. Many have made more friends through their participation in our events and activities and some of them have even joined the SCEC as volunteers to serve the community. We are very encouraged and touched by their support. We look forward to continue to do our part for the community, and strive to ensure our Senior Citizens lead a healthy life, both mentally and physically. Thank You!”

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