MAECThe MAECs promote social cohesion through the various cultural, educational, recreational, sporting, social and other community-based activities organised specially for residents.

MAEC Annual Event – Bazaar Ramadan (held during the Fasting Month)

Organised once a year during the fasting month, the Ramadan Bazaar is usually held at the void deck of Block 425 Jurong West Avenue 1 and the stalls operate from 1pm to about 7pm daily. An opening ceremony is normally held during its first week of opening. Every year, we have approximately 40 stalls selling food as well as merchandises.

Since the establishment of our JGCC MAEC Health Ambassadors, we have also included free basic health screenings for the public once a week. Set in a prominent part of the whole bazaar area, our Health Ambassadors will measure the BMI, do a blood count as well as provide more information on health matters such as Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, etc.

Another event held in conjunction with the Bazaar is the Hari Raya Gift Ceremony. This is where we review and select residents who are in need of financial aid. A ceremony will then be held where the residents, along with the Advisor, and GRLs will break fast together, after which they will be given a small token of sum.

Since 2010, Mendaki has also stepped in by inviting Malay Advisor to visit the Bazaar and give away educational kits to the public in order to create awareness on their spending and budgeting.
These activities during the fasting month are held once a year not only to bring the residents together, but to also help the GRLs to get to know their residents better.

Active Sub-Groups (Youth)

  • Dikir Barat Girls’ Group Semarak Tun Teja
  • Dikir Barat Boys’ Group Mak Yong Kedek
  • Kumpulan Kompang Nurul Ihsan

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