CCMCThe Jurong Central Division has one Community Club (CC), namely Jurong Green CC. The Jurong Green CC Management Committee (MC) has put in much effort in attracting new members and organising various activities and courses to cater to the varied needs and interests of the residents.  

The CCMC has been active in organising different activities for its residents.  Aproximately about 490 community activities were organised for a total of about 54,000 participants each year. Some of these activities included Wind Orchestra concerts, art exhibitions, scrabble competition, weiqi competition, Multi Racial Lantern Festival Night, Hari Raya Celebrations Deepavali Celebration and other festive celebrations.

The CCMC has also been working closely with the other GROs in the Division to support major activities such as Mothers’ Day Celebration, National Day Dinner, Tree Planting Day, Fund Raising Golf and Community Forum.  It also supported its sub-committees and activity groups in many local activities such as Senior Citizens’ Dinner, Scrabble Competition, and other festive celebrations.  The CCMC and its subcommittees also worked closely with other neighbourhood CC in Jurong GRC area  In February 2008, the Jurong Green CCMC jointly organised with Jurong Spring CC the Mexican Lunar New Year Celebration with the Mexican Embassy, which attracted more than 3,000 participants.

The CCMC has formed 24 sub-committees and activity groups to cater to the varied needs and interests of the residents.  These include the Women’s Executive Committee, Senior Citizens’ Executive Committee, Youth Executive Committee, Malay Activity Executive Committee (MAEC), Indian Activity Executive Committee (IAEC), Mus’art Wind Orchestra Sub-Committee, Mus’Art Percussion Band Sub-Committee, Toastmaster Club, International Toastmaster’s Club (Chinese), Tea Art Club, Calligraphy Club, Wine Appreciation Club, Live Band Club, Karaoke Club, Gym Club and Scrabble Club.  Among them, the Mus’art Wind Orchestra is the most well-known.  It organises quarterly indoor and outdoor concerts for residents as well as school students.  It also participated in the Singapore International Band Festival in Year 2008 and won the Silver Award.

The CCMC conducted a total of about 1,250 cultural, sports, and lifeskills and lifestyle courses for a total of about 8,000 participants.  The more popular courses are Hatha Yoga and martial arts courses such as Wushu, Taekwondo, Taijiquan, Aikido and Silat.  Other popular courses organised include Karaoke Singing, Folk Dance, Line Dance and Aerobics.  The CCMC has also organised several modern living courses such as Kimchi Making Course, and special holiday programmes for children, which had gained good response from the public.  The CCMC had also organised Citarasa Kini Courses for Malay residents.

The CCMC will continue to build on its network with the other organisations such as schools to jointly organise innovative projects to increase minority participation.  Some of the joint activities to be organised include music camp, concerts, reading programme, tuition and sports activities. The CCMC will also organise more modern courses so as to attract more youths to the CC through the new and trendy courses.  The CCMC also hopes to attract more emerging seniors to the CC through organising more wellness courses. In addition, the CCMC will continue to work closely with the other GROs such as the MAEC & IAEC to identify suitable Malay and Indian residents of Jurong GRC for appointment into the Committee. The CCMC would continue and actively planning and implementing the upgrading of its CC Building.  With the upgrading project, the CCMC hopes to improve on its existing facilities and increase the number of classrooms to meet the demands of the residents.

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